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Shineton Forest Vacation
    Publish time 2017-12-12 13:15    

Locations:Chongming Shanghai
Type:Commercial and apartment buildings

Project address: Shanghai chongming beiyan road 2151 to get to hongfu road
Sales address: No.2, Shineton Forest Vacation, 2151 Beiyan road, Chongming, Shanghai
Sales hotline: 021-59339898

Project Introduction

Project is located in a world-class ecological chongming island, with the future prospects of the chongming metro, face the east China region's largest forest oxygen dongping forest park, covers an area of 98621.3 square meters, the product type for single-family villas, hotels, and the enterprises, including single-family villas for vacationing industry considerable southeast Asia amorous feelings of the villa, hotel operation management by company, make the enterprises as the communication between enterprises and business platform.