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Our Philosophy

Integrity, Stability, Innovation and Multi-win


Confucius once said: “A person earns his name for his virtue rather than his power.”And he also said: “A person with ethics will always be surrounded and regarded as a leader”
The company emphasizes its responsibilities to clients and society; our trustworthy services and core values of recognition and loyalty toward our clients.



Men are not prestigious if they are not stable. Stability makes an enterprise sustainable.
Shineton deems stability as its supreme business code for long term development.



Innovation is the soul of survival and development of an enterprise.
The company believes that innovation is the primary direction of development, and to be innovative, it has to come up with outstanding ideas and right ways to set them.



A modern enterprise pursues win-win or multi-win rather than unilateral win.
Shineton finds that the business mode of modern enterprises has changed from the unfair competitive mode to multi-win mode.