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Who develops our projects?
MCC20 and Shineton joint venture makes a perfect combination; from site finding and analyze, through planning, construction and sales, we handle our projects from A to Z. We thus have a perfect overview of every phase of the process; providing our customers a very consistent and well informed service.
What is the location of our projects?

We pay a lot of attention in choosing our sites. All of our project are ideally located, close to metro lines and easy road access. They all benefit of health, commercial, educational, hospitality and cultural surroundings.

What is the future planning of the neighborhood?
Our projects environments vary; Some are located at the heart of fast growing environment, with a long term but fast urban development. Some are located in neigh-borough that need development, and in those cases, we provide our customers all the convenience they may need to enjoy their investment. With green area ratios up to 55%, private gardens and natural landscapes, we as well ensure to value your need of a quality life.
What is the style of your projects?
MCC20 / Shineton project style is a well balanced dose of art deco and contemporary touches. Providing large spaces, clean and simple, though featuring classical elegant elements.
What is the structure of your building?
Our building are steelwork frame. MCC20 being our partner and ranging among the 500 world top companies, we support strongly Chinese metallurgy for its safety and the endless design possibilities it offers to the world.

How much?

Our projects prices vary from location to product type. We love meeting you and answering all your questions. Our hotlines hostesses or a visit to our showrooms will tell you everything!

Shanghai Shineton investment co.,Ltd.

Address:11th floor, no.2, lane 3088, Gonghexinlu, Jing 'an District, Shanghai

Tel: 021-66313708 / 66313718 / 66313728


Shineton Fortune Plaza

Address: 3088 Gonghexinlu, Jing'an District, Shanghai

Merchants: Shanghai Jing'an District Gonghexinlu 3088, Lane 3, Room 107

Hotline: 021 -66319988 / 66316679


Shineton Forest Vacation

Address: Shanghai chongming beiyan road 2151 to get to hongfu road
Sales: No.2, Shineton Forest Vacation, 2151 Beiyan road, Chongming, Shanghai
Hotline: 021-59339898


MCC Shineton City Plaza

Address:Zhennan Road and Zhongjia Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

Merchants: Zhennan Road and Zhongjia Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

Hotline: 021-69890928 / 69890938


Shineton Living Plaza

Address: 901 Songfa Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

Merchants: Songfa Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, Lane 901, Room 208, No. 1

Merchants Hotline: 021-66186267

Sales Hotline: 021-66182266


Shineton Holiday Commercial Street

Address: Lane 579-761, Xinqiao Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Sales: 761 Xinqiao Road on the 7th

Hotline: 021-59221111 / 59223333


Shibei Shineton LuYuan

Address: 980 yonglong road, Songjiang, Shanghai


MCC Shineton Jingying Shangdu Community

Address: Lane 650, Chaxi Road (near Jintong Road), Jiading District, Shanghai


MCC Shineton Baoyue Garden

Address: Lane 268, Yuetang Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai