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Shibei Hi-Tech Park

Shibei Hi-Tech Park, located in the north of Shanghai, with Zoumatang River, Gonghexin Road, and Changzhong Road on the north, Pengyuepu River on the west, Wenshui Road on the south and Sitang River on the east, covers a total area of 3.13 square kilometers.


Founded in 1992 by Zhabei People’s Government, the Park (formerly known as Shibei Industrial Park) constantly promotes its self-development by accelerating infrastructure construction and bringing in industrial capital, thus becoming a major pillar of Zhabei District economy.


In the next five years, the Park will launch 3,000,000 sq. m buildings projects and have. 733,700 sq. m of land in reserve. Welcome to join Shibei Hi-Tech Park, a park with international vision, high-tech industries, ecological environment and clustered services.


The municipal district of Shibei has a population density of 24,258 people per sq. km, and is teeming with industrial talent.

3 km away from the Park is Pengpu Industrial Zone with its 50 large and medium-sized factories where a large pool of skilled industrial labor can be found.


From a radius of 5 km, there are more than 300,000 residents in Daning Life Hub, Yonghe New Village, Dahua New Village, Pengpu New Village.


From a radius of 10 km are China’s most presitigious universities and colleges such as Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai University, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, Shanghai International Studies University and Xinjian Technical College.


Since 2004, Phase Two development in the Park has been completed with 500,000 sq. m, consisting of an Urban Information Park, Frontier Industry Park, Headquarters Economy Park and Peninsular Center. And the centralized Business Lot is highlighted by the launch of Fortune Plaza, with joint effort with China Metallurgical Group; and a 255,000 sq. m Land lot No.5 with cooperation with China Railway Group.


To the east of Gonghexing Rd is the location of the northern park of Shibei Hi-Tech Park, the logistic Park, which covers an area of 1.87 square meters. Up till now, the planning and development of logistic park’s 400,200 sq. m land are ongoing. Shanghai Shibei Park is going to build a sub park in Nantong City, facilitating the process to establish a whole supply chain available in production, R&D, sales and settlement in Yangtze Delta to all its customers.


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