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Heaven is tough to get to, so men must be self-motivated; the earth is real and harmonious, so men must have their own principles and be devoted to the benefits of the society. Those who are self-improving are strong, and those who have high-ethics are deep. Opportunities favor self-motivated men, and principles always nurture trust.

Yu Jiaoqing

We regard talents as the most important resource of Shineton. We make sure to carefully select, train and support employees. We respect employees value and encourage innovation to create opportunities.

Shineton is committed to be a learning enterprise, to inspire employees and nurture their knowledge of our business. We encourage employees to improve and study to meet practical needs meanwhile raising their skills and abilities on their own initiatives.



Corporate Center

About Shineton

Shanghai Shineton is a comprehensive investment company engaging in real estate development primarily and in enterprise, financial and project investment as well as investment management and consulting. 

Public Welfares

Mr. Yu Jiaoqing, taking social responsibilities and returning the society as one of its important codes of conduct and values, is keen on donating to cultural and educational welfares, the Hope Project, disaster relief and local public welfares.


In the company, we are pursuing solidarity and harmony: unity and harmony among the staff. For the customers, we are striving for concord and double win.

Our Philosophy

The company emphasizes its responsibilities for the clients and the society. It impresses the clients with trustworthy services and takes the core values of recognition and loyalty from the clients and affirmation from the society.