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Chairman Message

Heaven is tough to get to, so men must be self-motivated; the earth is real and harmonious, so men must have their own principles and be devoted to the benefits of the society. Those who are self-improving are strong, and those who have high-ethics are deep. Opportunities favor self-motivated men, and principles always nurture trust.


For the more than one decade of development, Shineton has been keeping pace with the time to go ahead and it got us great achievements. Restless efforts made us too busy to look back. We look at the future, but never forget the past. Thus we keep discovering and being surprised.


Through the years, we integrated ideas to actions, wisdom and passion, struggle and team spirit. We established the characters and style of the new-generation of Shineton team.


Through the years, although experiencing many hard times, we are still proud of our development and growth and are still in the process of becoming stronger and stronger.


Through the years, we took into consideration context and we tried our best to dedicate it to create fortune for the society and value for our clients. In the process of serving and making contribution to the society, we gradually establish our brand position, win market reputation and create development opportunities.


In front of us, in order to become a stronger large-scale comprehensive and diversified enterprise, we will still untiringly stick to the enterprise spirit of integrity, stability, innovation and multi-win.  The objective of making progress and serving the society together is our main concern.


Wishing the world prosperity and grabbing the opportunities, I will extend my sincere regards to friends from all levels for their support and trust. We will keep communicating and cooperating together honestly in a broader scale to create a better future.



Yu Jiaoqing