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HR Philosophy

Shineton is People Oriented

We regard talents as the most important resource of Shineton. We make sure to carefully select, train and support employees. We respect employees value and encourage innovation to create opportunities.


Shineton feeds the corporate culture

Shineton is committed to be a learning enterprise, to inspire employees and nurture their knowledge of our business. We encourage employees to improve and study to meet practical needs meanwhile raising their skills and abilities on their own initiatives.


Shineton is process-oriented

We encourage working processes to be consistent. We believe this way leads to the best results and creates long-term improvement within the teams. Attitude and professional ethics forge great characters and sure ease goals achievements.

Shineton greenhouses talents

If you are outstanding, you can evolve fast with Shineton. Every year, we select young people with unique characteristics to occupy the important position. We make sure our talents will never fade and grow wings on our side.

Shineton team’s dynamics

We are devoted to create an honest, open and efficient communication atmosphere making sure our employees get along and emulate each other with trust. We are also very keen on planning varied extra-work activities to strengthen employees friendships and organization skills.


Enjoy yourself in Shineton

Join us in Shineton! Incentives, challenging projects, competitive compensations and varied benefits will sure seduce your ambitions! We are looking forward to meeting you and create with you both of our futures.