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Shineton Fortune Plaza
    Publish time 2017-11-01 10:21    

Locations:Zhabei Shanghai
Type:Commercial and office buildings
Process:Attract investments

Address: 3088 Gonghexinlu, Jing'an District, Shanghai
Merchants Address: Shanghai Jing'an Gonghexinlu 3088, Lane 3, Room 107
Merchants Hotline: 021 -66319988 / 66316679

Project Introduction


The plaza is a new-generation hopsca, covering 27,392.7 square meters of land and with a total built-up area of 75,000 square meters approximately (about 15,000 square meters for business purpose). It is located at the core area of the CBD in the north of Shanghai, covering the plot between West Jiangyang Road and Wenshui Road (the Elevated Middle Ring Road) and between Gonghexin Road (the South-North Elevated Road) and Pinglu Road. It is about 8km away from the People’Square and 5km away from the Shanghai Railway Station. Closely adjacent to the Wenshui Station of Metro Line 1 in 2 minutes’walk and with 3 arteries converged, the plaza has a dense commercial atmosphere.


Multi-functional and rich in types of business, the plaza has attracted the fashionable cinema, specialty restaurant, leisure club and other shops to enter.


The businesses in the plaza are linked in order by business streets and leisure galleries and share the business resources and clients together. Forming another CBD of Shanghai, it pushes the international updating of the business in Shanghai. The all-round and diversified business facilities and services satisfy the city people’s demands to the most extent and embody the concept of life integrated with business, together with the premium office building of more than 40,000 square meters.


The opening of the plaza will update the business level of the CBD, and the plaza will become the business landmark of the north Middle Ring.


The Plaza is currently under business invitation.