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Shineton Living Plaza
    Publish time 2017-11-01 10:24    

Locations:BaoShan Shanghai
Type:Commercial, SOHO and residential buildings
Process:Attract investments

Address: 901 Songfa Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Merchants Address: Songfa Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, Lane 901, Room 208, No. 1
Merchants Hotline: 021-66186267
Sales Hotline: 021-66182266

Project Introduction


Near Metro Line 3, the plaza is located at the core business zone of the Sub-Wujiaochang (at the junction of South Changjiang Road and Songfa Road) in Songnan Town planned and constructed by Baoshan District government. With a total built-up area of about 51,000 square meters, it is composed of one business square, two high-rise office buildings and one 11-storey residential building. The business part amounts to about 20,000 square meters. At present, there are 13 large-scale communities at the Sub-Wujiaochang with permanent households of about 150,000. The plaza can serve the 500,000 consumers from the 6 residential communities around (Tonghe, Huma, Sitang, Gongkang, Songnan, Gaojing).


Featured with the new-concept street mall, the plaza is to meet the consumers’needs in terms of visuality, mood, physical relaxation, consumption and others. It is a one-stop hopsca.


At present, several clients, including 9 Ju Business Hotel, Haowang Fine Restaurant, Cangzhengtang Club, Lefantian KTV and Huanteng cartoon city, have entered the plaza. It raises the consumption level of the Sub-Wujiangchang and produces the collective effect.


The plaza was opened in Jan., 2010 and runs normally at present. A few shops on hand are under leasing and selling.