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MCC Shineton Baoyue Garden
    Publish time 2017-11-01 10:19    

Locations:BaoShan Shanghai
Type:Residential building
Process:Sold out

Address: Lane 268, Yuetang Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

Project Introduction


Located at Baoshan District, Shanghai, the community covers the land of 83,998,9 square meters between Yuegao Road and Tayuan Road and between Shenpu Road and Yuetang Road, with a total built-up area of 102,921 square meters. It is composed of high-rise residential buildings, street shops, supporting facilities and an underground parking lot. There is a 70m long and 17,000㎡green belt at the north of the community, and there are natural rivers both to the south and the west of the community.


The street shops are on the ground floor of the buildings at the north and the east of the community. The underground parking lot is located under the green belt. The architectural style is characterized by plain decoration. The façades of the buildings adopt the details of the Shanghai style building of the 1920s and 1930s and integrate the western cultural tradition into Shanghai local buildings. The landscaping of graceful and rich garden style raises the quality of the community.


At present, The project has sold out.